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Elchazag – Believe (Music & Lyrics)

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Nigerian Contemporary Christian/Gospel Rapper, Elchazag Released a New Song Titled “Believe” Featured in his Album “THE BOT EP”  Believe Is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit.

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Elchazag – Believe Lyrics

My believing
My believing
What am living for 2x
I believe 5x


If I believe in Jesus then I die in Christ
Won’t care about my body or my casket price
All your prayers and eulogy won’t mean a thing
I believe in Jesus as in God in flesh
My believing be nothing
I’ll die a sinner if I don’t follow
Faithful and Devotion i yeide
Spiritual dryness I awed
False Christ and prophets
Misleading and lucre
Any other Christ being is false like the Mormon
A Different versions of the gospel
If that I believe then myself I deceive
that we Ravish to reave
Just like Adam and Eve
Devil believe in God he gat ascentia
His lacking fiducia
God in three person the hypostatic Union,
Covited my sin cos
it’s creating a doubt
Disheartening our daily god’s
Our desire we need to separate
Yo idol we idolise
Ain’t the reason your nostrils
Breathing Air with a beating heart
I need that beacon of light
So I won’t die
Skimmed it off
Now am thirsty for Christ
You ain’t save to be slave
You are the prove don’t look outside
Get on that faith don’t lose.The sight
Arranging my empty plate
What you do it can’t contemplate
God doesn’t play about me
He only break me to make me
Spirit that walks around you
I don’t know how my life gonna be but Amma let him in
Feeling new inside
If Shy away from the Gospel
That’s genocide
Am securing my soul like the pentagon
Amma song of man
Call my son of God
I won’t crip
In these rules that this human design
Fetish believe
My Believe superceed all my anger and greed
Change my wants to my needs
Hold firm to my creed
Am awaiting a meed
Like a trait for my deed
Conceit am elite
When it’s nihilism I heed
Never doubt 3x
Amma hold that little faith that I gat
When people are avid and being so frantic
But frankly we ain’t being Goldly
Or holy extolling but nah cos daffy
Someone who rejected the words of the lord
Creating his Dogma believing a false
Show that you believe by the things that I do
Commitment to Christ
Where you put in your faith
Is it Allah or God or the one you create
And obeyed
Strayed from Truth but you wading in doubt
What you can’t live without

Written by Elchazag

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