Elchazag – SIN ft. Rap General (Music & Lyrics)

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Nigerian Contemporary Christian/Gospel Rapper, Elchazag Released a New Song Titled “SIN” ft. Rap General. Featured in his Album “THE BOT EP”  SIN Is a Powerful Song That Will Uplift Your Spirit.

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Elchazag – SIN ft. Rap General Lyrics

[First verse] Rap General

right now I’m a hell of mess and i don’t see my kind,
broken down, looking so depressed cos I’ve never used my time
temptation coming my way i say I don’t sin, then i lie
the devil’s taking control of me but i hate to give him my time
oh lord i just need your forgiveness
give me your grace i can’t handle this business
my flesh is deceiving me giving me reasons to fight with the spirit, I’m stucked in the it’s prison r
i ain’t no reasons to make me retrieve me
I’m filled with the guilt of my sin now I’m bleeding
i need to escape i just need freedom
fighting the flesh and live in peace with the spirit
the things we cherish now makes us sin
now we’re slave to sin, we broke in pieces because of sin, now we can’t believe that we can be free cos of fantasy, now we smoking trees cos we want to chill, now we’re stucked in sin when we can be free we let the enemy, all our joy he steals oh lord king of kings restore our peace
I’m tired of me i need you taking control of me
save me from my insanity
the devil’s playing and making fun of me
i don’t wanna be a slave to sin
i just wanna be a man that’s free ork
i need you my sin is killing me
heal me lord i need you breathe on

[Hook] Faith

Save me from myself 2x
Don’t wanna do this no more

My heart I lay bare
Reed me off this pain Trying in to eat up my flesh
The things I don’t wanna do I found myself doing them lord
Don’t wanna be like this
Come perfect my imperfection
Make my weekness show strength
Don’t wanna be a cling in sin po no more lord
I don’t just wanna work for you I want to work with you

[Second verse] Elchazag

Don’t wanna sin Am rejecting it
Back when I like and protecting it
Hear my confession like a Catholic
Running from it like an athlete
Won’t get cought again
All my friends bad influence
It gone be alright we just full of mess
Sell our souls unknowingly
Now we
Holding phone that we can’t afford
Just sex in our minds just blind out
Our dark hearts we need Christ
Living double livesIt’s all borrow Time
Life of lies that don’t last
Will run outta gas
We take alot boss
so vernal we carnal
We need a exfill
Its never too late
We acting so deaf or being so lame
They say we lost souls
I don’t think so that we desoul
though we love sinning
And we can control
Sin is heavy feel burning coal
And i can’t hold
need to drop it
But i still enjoying it
Cos fool me i how
I let the social described me
Tell me about what a norm is
That i felt for
Made us insecure
Am so flawed
I know i sin
I can’t recall
when i did pray
But i need grace and
I want mercy
i can’t embrace this
Cos my life falling out of places
Sin hold me captive
Now I tiptoe am so secard I won’t cripple

Written by Elchazag
Mixed and mastered by Rap General

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