The Intelligence Needed For Success

Know the Intelligence You Need For An Overall Success

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Intelligence is needed in how daily life. Though I hate to take the world as a competitive place, there are lots of reasons that leave me without a doubt that it is indeed competitive. However, to have all-round success, one needs the 3 basic kinds of intelligence which are emotional, financial and social intelligence.

Intelligence often defined as the ability to acquire knowledge and skill or the whole of cognitive or intellectual abilities required to obtain knowledge, and to use that knowledge in a good way to solve problems that have a well-described goal and structure can be interchanged with intellectual/mental capacity, intellect, mind, brainpower, powers of reasoning, reasoning, understanding, comprehension, sharpness, quickness of mind, quick-wittedness, smartness, canniness, astuteness, etc.

Today We’ll be looking at 3 types of intelligence needed for success. Just like man’s 3 basic needs (food, clothing, and shelter), Man cannot do without these kinds of intelligence if success is the ultimate goal.

This knowledge can be acquired by constantly training your brain and learning new things etc. However, Human intelligence has the mental quality that consists of the abilities to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand and handle abstract concepts, and use knowledge to manipulate one’s environment.

With the development and improvement in technology, scientists have discovered a way to calculate intelligence in the form of intelligence quotient (IQ) test. Though not 100% correct, it gives you a hint of how intelligent you are and it’s the best test for one’s intelligence for now.

Failure to know/do these things will aid in complicating your life and keep you far away from success. Not to bore you with too many talks, Let’s take a look at the essential kinds of intelligence we need.

The 3 kinds Of Intelligence Needed For Overall Success

Emotional intelligence

This happens to be the most important of all 3 needed kinds of intelligence because it has to do with you handling your emotions properly. Often referred to as Emotional Quotient (EQ).

It’s defined by Jeanne Segal in her article “Improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ)” as the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

This kind of Intelligence helps you build a healthier relationship, communicate properly, move away from negative experience easily understand other people better, etc. It’s the key to the other needed kinds of intelligence. The inability to handle this will bring about a big problem in handling the others.

Financial intelligence

Well, this is the kind of intelligence 90% of the world seeks. As you grow old and responsibility begin to pile up, financial intelligence will save you from lots of stress. Failure to become financially intelligent will put your poor emotional intelligence to test.

Financial intelligence encompasses one’s ability to know how to spend, save and invest. It must be balanced to ensure success financially. Make sure you earn as much as you spend. However; for those that do invest regularly, you should invest part of your money and save the rest because investing is a risk. Knowing this tells a lot about your intelligence.

Also, know the difference between assets and liabilities. In short, Assets puts money in your pockets, while liabilities take them away. Ensure you’ve stocked yourself with lot’s of assets before going ahead to get as much liabilities as you want.

Social intelligence

This is the ability to successfully build relationships and navigate the social environment.

Few will argue that in the world today especially Africa, even when you are good in your craft, help from a friend that’s already in power is pretty much needed to achieve your goals. This won’t be the case if one is low on social intelligence. Being socially intelligent doesn’t mean building a relationship with the wrong set of people. Rather, it means one should at least know somebody, have people as friends, go out, have fun. Help won’t come if you sit at home all day doing nothing.

I doubt anyone will say making friends is impossible. There are more than 7billion people in the world at large. Failure to get someone to call your friend, tells a lot about you rather than the person. Go out today and be sociable.


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